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At It's Party Time Rentals, you’ll receive a top-quality and unique rental experience. No matter what you come to our shop for, one of our team members will be here to help and guide you. With our great customer service and competitive prices, it’s no wonder we have become a top Tent Rental Service in Prince George. Read on to see what makes us so unique and successful. READ ABOUT OUR TENT PACKAGES!

Grey Sub Floor 12" X 24" Sections

Banish Weather Worries with a Tent


Marquee Tents Rental Capacity Guide

Tent Size                                         10'x10'                         20'x20'                       34'x40' Hex


Total Square Feet                             100                             400                              1040

Cocktails                                             20                               80                                210

5’ Round Dinner Tables                     8                                 32                                105

8’ Rect. Dinner Tables                       12                               48                                130

Row Seating                                       15                                66                                175

Dance                                                  25                               50                                 260


Seating Information:

Aside from main traffic aisles, allow 54” between round tables for chairs and service space, and 60” between rectangular tables where seating is back-to-back.

This permits 24” service space behind 18” chair depth.

While this may vary with degree of aisle comfort required, 36” distance between rows of chairs will suffice.


Please remember no two functions are the same. Each purpose deserves to be looked at individually so that the exact size of tent can be determined based on your personal needs and preferences.

These are some of the questions we will ask when you're inquiring about a tent:

  • What is the date of your event? We book our tents a year and a half in advance.

  • Where is the set up location? In city limits or out of city limits?

  • What is the size of the area?

  • What is the ground like that the tent will be set up on? Grass, Gravel, Cement or Black Top?

  • How close can we park to the set up location? Are there power lines, trees or under ground sprinklers?

  • What size of tent do you need? How many people do you expect? Is it a ceremony, reception, BBQ etc.

  • What accessories do you need along with the tent? (Lighting, walls, heating, flooring)

  • Are you planning on decorating the inside of the tents?

  • When can we set up and take down the tent? Can we take down the day after your event?


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What type of ground can the tents be set up on?

The tents can be set up on grass, gravel, asphalt or concrete, however if staking/drilling is not an option, we have to use heavy duty sandbags. However we prefer to only stake our tents down. As we do not do a lot of sandbagging of tents.

  • Can we set up the tents ourselves?

No, we do not allow anyone to set up our tents. Reason why? The tents consist of many different parts, which can be damaged. We would also have to spend time training you on how to set up a tent properly, which would accrue extra fees.

  • Can you heat the inside of the tent? And if so, how?

Yes, we have a tent heater, which functions by attaching an 80,000 BTU heater, powered by a 20lb or more propane tank, to the side of the tent.

  • What if we decide on the day of set up that we want or don't want walls?

When we come out to set up a tent, we usually bring the walls with us just in case Mother Nature is not cooperating and you decide that you may need walls. We would put the walls up before we leave as we do not allow anyone to set up the walls themselves, so a decision needs to be made at the time of set up as coming back is not always an option for us. If the weather is nice, we will just leave the walls off. You may also, if you like, just put a few walls up for coverage and privacy.

  • When would the tents be set up and taken down?

Generally we set up 2-3 days in advance, depending on availability and take down is usually 1-2 days after.

We hope that the above information has answered any questions you may have about planning your party. If you have any more questions, or require any further information, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to answer.

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